Website: www.wegate.eu

Budget: € 849.284,00

Duration: February 2020 – February 2023

Description: WEGATE is an electronic platform launched by the European Commission to support female entrepreneurship. It does not provide consulting services, nor does it have commercial purposes, it is an online gateway with the aim of creating a community that carries out support activities, networking and the exchange of best practices.

WEGATE is a portal whose goal is to network not only young entrepreneurs, but also organizations and / or associations active in supporting female entrepreneurship through free services. WEGATE also offers a selection of the latest news and events related to female entrepreneurship in Europe as well as a special section for best practices and success stories.

Area Europa’s role: Area Europa’s members are directly involved in the technical-financial management of the project in support of the ESBA (European Small Business Alliance) coordinator.

Program: COSME

Areas: Innovation, Women Entrepreneurship

Services: Project Management

Partners: ESBA (European Small Business Alliance), Foundation For Management and Industrial Research Foundation Skopje, Business Angels Europe, GYB International Limited