Budget: € 1,314,000

Duration: August 2004 – June 2007

Description: The Vinum Est Project was an operation supported by the Vinest Network which aimed an integrated an sustainable development of small European Wine Areas through the networking and the transfer of experiences and know-how among the partners. The Project was part-financed by the EU programme INTERREG III C EAST with 985.000 euro, and included partners from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Germany. During the years 2004-2007 the partners of this project created a Competence and Promotion Centre and Press Office of the Vinest Network in Moschendorf (Austria), updated and made more dynamic de website and implemented various common promotion actions at international level. All partners implemented local actions to further developments and promotion of their local offer and quality, also safeguarding their peculiar wines, cultures and landscapes.
The project improved the participating regions’ development potentials and their environmental situation. It led to higher quality standards in wine production, improved marketing of local products and an increase in organic farming. Improved development policies reflect more sustainable approaches and integrate tourism as an important development goal. Activities included actions to improve wine quality such as wine certification and coordinated area marketing. Based on a number of meetings, conferences and training sessions, partners involved stakeholders in the project and elaborate local innovation plans as well as promotional activities. Partners also developed and publish guidelines on “Integrated and Sustainable Development in Small European wine Areas” to transfer results to non-participating regions.

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa assisted the project’s coordinator in the administrative (preparation of amendments, minutes of the project’s meetings, manage request for information coming from partners, collect and collate information for periodic and final reports), financial (budgeting, financial reporting collection, EC funding calculation and update) and technical (follow-up project’s plan and tracking progress against Gantt Chart) management of the project.


Areas: Territory and agriculture

Services: Project Management

Partners: Regional Development Association Lower Pinka Valley & Strem Valley – UPS (Austria), Foundation for Regional Enterprise Promotion in Vas County and Szombathely (Hungary), Wine-Route Agency ROD Ajdovščina (Slovenia), Comunità Montana Marghine-Planargia (Italy), Ayuntamiento de Bullas (Spain), Burgenlandkreis (Germany), Cabildo de Gran Canaria (Spain)