Budget: € 199.143,00

Duration: June 2021 – May 2023


Description: STArt! Skills and competences Through creativity and Art, in the context of biodiversity challenges.

STArt! (Skills Through Art) has the overall objective of improving students’ skills and competences through art and creativity with the aim of strengthening awareness and active citizenship on biodiversity issues.
To achieve this general objective, the following specific objectives have been defined:

  1. To support opportunities for students to acquire and develop skills and competences.
  2. To strengthen the profile of teaching professions by developing creative methodologies.
  3. To strengthen “Arts, Creativity and Culture Organisations” (ACC Organisations) by giving them new opportunities.

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa is a partner in the project and develops modules on the content and teaching methods of the challenges of biodiversity conservation.

Programme: ERASMUS+

Areas: Environment and climate change

Services: Project design, Project Management

Partner: Cresol, Vaste, Kallitechnio, Ies Botanic Cavanilles, Mousiko Scholio, Kannaksen Lukio, Area Europa