Budget: € 2.366.767

Duration: July 2017 – May 2020

Description: LIFE LOWCARBON FEED employs new methods and innovative practices to achieve the effective recovery of agricultural, citrus and rice waste and turn it into new animal feed capable of reducing CH4 emissions in ruminants, thus mitigating climate change related to agriculture and livestock breeding.
Expected results:
• Recovery of 70 tonnes of citrus waste and 25 tonnes of rice straw for conversion into feed, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions (equivalent to 176 tonnes of CO2);
• Creation of a forage feed based on citrus and rice waste with a cost below €120 per tonne and a milk forage unities ratio above 0.75;
• A 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from goats consuming the feed;
• Validation of the feed product by at least 10 farmers;
• A local plan for citrus waste management in the municipality of La Vall d’Uixó;
• A local plan for the rice straw waste management in the municipality of Valencia;
• Modification of policy on conditionality in the Comunidad Valenciana;
• Modification of policy on agro-environmental aids in the Comunidad Valenciana;
• Replicability of the value chain in the Italian market, involving at least 10 actors; and
• 10 agreements with producers and distributors of animal feed in other farming sectors in Spain and Europe.

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa is one of the project partner and mainly deals with the sustainability assessment of the new supply chain and its replicability in Italy.

Programme: LIFE EU

Areas: Environment and Climate Change

Services: Proposal e Project management

Partners: La Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders del País Valencià, Spagna, Airatec Biomass S.L., Spagna, Ayuntamiento de La Vall d’Uixó, Spagna, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spagna, Uniproca Sociedad Cooperativa, Spain Ayuntamiento De Valencia, Spagna, Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana para una economía baja en carbón (Lowcarbon Economy Foundation), Spagna, Area Europa scarl, Italia