Budget: € 60.000,00

Duration: January 2022 – December 2022

Description: The EUMind-School project stems from the awareness of the importance of training the professionals of the next generations in the field of European design, setting itself the concrete objective of creating a permanent platform, equipped with innovative and digital tools, for teachers and school staff of high schools. The platform and the tools included in its aim to:

  • Generate a new awareness in high school teachers about the value and opportunities associated with European planning
  • Improve the level of knowledge and expertise on European projects starting from high schools
  • Encourage active teaching through innovative teaching methodologies based on Design Thinking
  • Encourage interactions among schools to promote the emergence of joint initiatives at the transnational level

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa is Project Coordinator and develops modules on project cycle management, design thinking and project dissemination among Italian schools.

Programme: ERASMUS+

Areas: Innovation and Creativity

Services: Project Management

Partners: ECECE, Bilaver Ltd