Budget: € 181.334,00

Duration: December 2018 – December 2020

Description: CITIRVET is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of VET (Vocational Educational Training). The general goal of CitriVET is to develop, transfer and implement innovative practices that enhance agricultural VET studies through the transformation of citrus waste in bioproducts (essential oils, biofuel and animal food).
To achieve this general goal, the following specific objectives have been defined:
– To promote the professional development of VET teachers strengthening their competences to introduce in VET curricula the transformation of citrus waste in bioproducts.
– To reinforce the employability of VET students through high-quality international work-based practices in the field of citrus waste valorization.
– To strengthen the acquisition of key competences (English language, digital literacy) in agricultural VET studies, including disadvantaged learners.
– To enhance intersectorial partnerships in order to facilitate the transition of the students to the labour market.

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa is one of the project partner.

Program: ERASMUS+

Areas: Territory and agriculture

Services: Project design, Project management

Partners: Low Carbon Economy Foundation, EFA La Malvesia, Area Europa, Eurotraining, Universidade do Algarve, ARCES