Website: www.lowcarbonbrazil.com.br/

Budget for Area Europa: € 14.000

Duration: June2017 – November 2019

Description: Low Carbon Brazil is an EU-funded initiative that aims to involve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Brazil and the Member States in Europe by promoting the exchange of innovative experiences, supporting companies in their transition to low-carbon technologies. Carbon and developing efficient processes for the sectors of Brazil that mainly contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The general objectives are:

  • Promote the sustainable transition of SMEs to Low Carbon technologies
  • Internationalization of EU SMEs and support to innovation, competitiveness, environment and economic sustainability of local counterparts
  • Support national Low Carbon strategies to fight climate change
  • Support emerging companies and create new ones in the Low Carbon technology sector, including equipment manufacturers and service providers

Area Europa’s role: Marco Foschini participated in the first phase of “matchmaking” in San Paolo and Fortaleza and in the second phase of writing and developing feasibility studies for the following projects: precision agriculture (with Agronica of Cesena and Gregori Consulting of San Paolo); sustainable agriculture with the Agrigento di San Paolo company and the support of the CRPV of Cesena; crop-rotation methods with GHG from San Paolo and the support of CRPV from Cesena

Program: Structural funds

Areas: Environment and Climate Change

Services: Project Management, Business Development

Partners: European Cluster Collaboration Platform, Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk, Entreprise Europe Network, ELANBiz