Budget: € 1.853.900

Duration: June 2013 – December 2016

Descrizione: The project has an integrated approach towards crops, plants and animals and agriculture, industry and distribution. Its aim is to develop techniques for growing crops and raising livestock, with the same yields and product quality, reducing the production carbon dioxide (CO2) and other major gases responsible for climate change (GHG).
The project’s added value lies in the fact that some of the most important national and international agribusinesses and large retailers are participants. These businesses are committed to embracing the new controls in their supply contracts and they include: Barilla, Coop, Granarolo, Parmareggio, Centro servizi ortofrutticoli, Apo Conerpo e Unipeg.

Area Europa’s Role: Administrative and financial assistance, contact with the EU Commission and Monitoring Unit, partnership coordination

Programme: LIFE

Areas: Climate change

Services: Gestione progetti

Partners: Project management