Budget: € 136.560,00

Duration: November 2020 – October 2022

Description: The project activities are aimed at implementing knowledge on the topic of renewable energy in agriculture. For this reason, Energy4Farming targets two different groups: teachers and students. The main objective is to provide new skills, ideas and methods for the professional development of VET teachers.
The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To strengthen the skills of VET teachers in the field of sustainable agriculture.
  2. Improve VET teachers’ knowledge about the benefits of renewable energy in agriculture.
  3. Update the VET curriculum of agriculture studies by introducing new concepts on sustainability.
  4. Improve students’ skills on sustainability.
  5. Strengthen the employability of VET students through a direct approach to the world of work.

Area Europa’s Role: Area Europa is a partner in the project and develops modules on agribusiness creation and the renewable energy market.

Programme: ERASMUS+

Areas: Territory and Agriculture

Services: Project design, Project Management

Partners: Low Carbon Economy Foundation, EFA La Malvesia, Area Europa,
Eszterházy Károly University (EKU), EUROPEA Polska ,
Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus (JKHK)

IO1 Manual for agricultural VET teachers. Sustainable agriculture: new tendencies and innovation with a focus on renewable energies
IO2 TUTORIAL: How to create a termosiphon